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Fidget Spinner from Wacky Fidgets now in NBS

I’m sure you have already seen the newest craze in town… The Fidget Spinners. They are all over the place and they now come in all sorts of shapes and designs. It is a craze that started online and it has now moved to be available in stores Worldwide.

Keep reading our blog here at Wacky Fidgets. We will test the new spinners, recommend tricks and tell you where to buy them.

As you might know already we have offices in Manila (Philippines), Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam) and Guangzhou (China) so in those countries you can find Fidget Spinners from us in local Bookstores and toy-shops.

You can also buy Fidget Spinners from us here and we will ship them Worldwide for FREE! Yes you heard correctly. We give you Free Worldwide Shipping for any purchases here at Wacky Fidgets.


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