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LED Finger Spinner with bluetooth speaker

Coming soon here at Wacky Fidgets… The LED Fidget Spinner with a Bluetooth speaker, so you can play music from your mobilephone while you spin it. See the awesome video below and if you want to buy one we got them in stock. Click here to see details and order.

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DIY LED hand spinner fidget

This video is about how to make hand spinner with glowing LED lights! All you need to make a spinner: ☑ 3-layer plywood ☑ Bearing (from skateboard, roller…) ☑ LEDs ☑ 100 Ohm resistors ☑ Mini switch ☑ CR battery ☑ Wires ☑ Sinkers ☑ Some instruments And you can …

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How to Make DIY Fidget Spinners (NO BEARINGS)!

Have you been thinking “You know what, I wish there were more YouTube videos on Fidget Spinners”? If so, you’re in luck!! ? But in all seriousness, I am in LOVE with these kawaii fidget spinners! Super fun to play with and I especially like them because they have unicorns …

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Mad Stuff With Rob – DIY Fidget Spinner

Its DIY Friday and this is the second fidget spinner video I am uploading this week. This one’s a fidget spinner with ball bearings. Loved reading the comments on the previous one and I hope you lke this one too. This one is with ball bearings. Do try making it …

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