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DIY LED hand spinner fidget

This video is about how to make hand spinner with glowing LED lights! All you need to make a spinner: ☑ 3-layer plywood ☑ Bearing (from skateboard, roller…) ☑ LEDs ☑ 100 Ohm resistors ☑ Mini switch ☑ CR battery ☑ Wires ☑ Sinkers ☑ Some instruments And you can …

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How to Make DIY Fidget Spinners (NO BEARINGS)!

Have you been thinking “You know what, I wish there were more YouTube videos on Fidget Spinners”? If so, you’re in luck!! ? But in all seriousness, I am in LOVE with these kawaii fidget spinners! Super fun to play with and I especially like them because they have unicorns …

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Mad Stuff With Rob – DIY Fidget Spinner

Its DIY Friday and this is the second fidget spinner video I am uploading this week. This one’s a fidget spinner with ball bearings. Loved reading the comments on the previous one and I hope you lke this one too. This one is with ball bearings. Do try making it …

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